Revisit Wing Commander!

July 17th, 2006 by Mr.Mouse

Wing Commander 1Launch back to the Wing Commander universe and join the conflict between Earth and Kilrah once more. Those of you old enough to have been there when the Origin’s Wing Commander games first came out on the Amiga and DOS systems (around 1990) may still get all excited when they hear that there’s a good chance to return to world of WC and kick some new Kilrah ass. Two mods for Freespace 2 and Homeworld 2 are showing good promise.

First off, there’s Wing Commander Saga, a mod build with an enhanced Freespace 2 engine, and is currently being developed by the WCSaga team. Given Freespace, this is a 3D shoot-em up in the classic Elite mold. The flagship campaign of Wing

Kennedy carrier in WCSaga

Commander Saga, “The Darkest Dawn” begins right before Wing Commander 3 and concludes with the ending of the Terran-Kilrathi War (whether or not the Terrans win depends on you). The campaign features a heavy 35 missions with models, music, sounds and feel all transferred from the original series to the new engine. Check out the progress at At the time of writing the Prologue missions are nearing completion and the campaing is well underway.
WCSaga CockpitSecond, we have a mod for Homeworld 2 that will take WC to the RTS games. Started by one Aaron Thomas, the mod already showed some WC ships when Aaron put the rumor out in the WC community. This same community now helps him transfer all the ships and stuff from the WC universe to the HW2 engine in the correct dimensions. He just released some pics from the HQ ships. Making good progress. Check out the thread at

wc4homeworld05.jpgBases in WC4 HW2 mod

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