The Week at the Game Research Forum #6

February 18th, 2014 by Devilot

Final Blog entry by yours truly. My “engagement” ends. It’s been a nice ride :) whether it will continue or not depends on you, users.

Listening to “The King of Pride Rock” and “I Just can’t wait to be King” while writing. yeah, I’m still a child at heart.

Closing considerations:

  1. the 3D/2D section of the forum is the most prolific by FAR.
  2. Second one is Game Archive.
  3. What really few people care about is music. Pity :(

3D/2D Models

  • Dekaron 2: lol2k has released a script for this game.
  • Real Racing 3: barti has updated his script.
  • Lumis’ Max script offer is still valid.
  • Jack and Daxter HD: chrrox is making some nice progress!
  • AION: Pesmontis has made a couple nice discoveries.
  • Ryusui has released a couple updates for AMD.
  • S4 Model League: barti has released his progress.
  • CVM files are being investigated.

Audio File Formats

  • Deep Black Reloaded: reznov needs a hand for this game.
  • XMA Transform: updated. Thanks Alpha23!
  • Cars Race-o-Rama: help for ARC files wanted.

Graphic Formats

  • Unswizzle: someone has already grabbed the 100$ reward, apparently. Or at least the promise of it.
  • Dead Rising 2: michalss wants help for the textures.

Game Archive Research

  • Agarest: Ekey has released a script for this game!
  • Touhou: and also for this game.
  • Reznov is investigating .cache files!
  • Star Wars the Old Republic: work continues.
  • Gundam Extreme: tool released.
  • MGS saga: let’s hope the tool continues to be developed.
  • Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2: script updated for the demo.
  • One Piece Romance of Dawn: chrrox, MrAdults and Zerox all together. Awesomeness ensues.
  • Dead Island: .pak file investigation continues.
  • Super Marsia Land: script requested and obtained. thanks Ekey.
Compressed files and methods
  • Cosmic Break: Sadiosys wants help in understanding .kar format.
  • Touhou Card Monsters: finale00 wants to crack this engine.
  • Naughty Dog: Silentpavel provides a solution.
Game Localization
  • Nothing relevant here. This section has always been one of the less visited.
  • A new Noesis update. Yay. Come all ye who have faith in MrAdults.

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