The Week at the Game Research Forum #5

February 10th, 2014 by Devilot

Phew, what a weekend. Thank god I took the day off.



3D/2D Models

  • Odd oddity continues. Hilarity ensues thanks to people who don’t know when the joke is on them. Or when it’s not.
  • Janglesworthy shares some useful websites. thanks!
  • Dekaron: lol2k12 wants help for this game.
  • Gran Turismo 3 & 4: MateSMC’s thread is still going strong.
  • Killzone 3: luxox is making progress.
  • Disney INFINITY; a surprising interest for Ralph & co.
  • Cadabra 3d: a “catfight” game which is now abandonware. Fascinating.
  • Ryusui’s thread got an answer from MrAdults himself.
  • And he himself is working on his other project,

Audio File Formats

  • Mass Effect 2: yours truly continues his crusade for fruitless SFX search. Lack of cooperation does not help, but oh well.
  • Tonic Trouble: Doolie wants to really get the resources of this old, but fun, game.

Graphic Formats

  • Rocky Balboa: apparently this game has interesting textures.

Game Archive Research

  • Metal Gear Series: DAT Files information wanted.
  • War Thunder: Rafael09ED needs to get the audio off the fsb files.
  • Outlast: that crap” needs a bit of investigating.
  • Awakening 5: cacarama needs some help in getting stuff out of the archive.
  • Sine Mora: Ekey is currently working on updating the unpacker.
  • Stalja needs help in understanding DAT archives.
  • MGS Collection: some more info on this would be required.
  • Orneon Limited: Ekey is looking for an extractor. I wonder if someone can help him.
Compressed files and methods
  • Kingdom Hearts 1.5: SDATA¬†extractor help wanted!
  • Boukyaku Princess: question on SWF files here.
  • Neverwinter: a few curious guys and an appearane of MrAdults concerning the archives of this game.
Game Localization
  • Dark Souls: a new wave of interest for localizing this terrible game (in a good way).
  • Since MrAdults asked so nicely <3 here is your latest Noesis upgrade: new fixed version up.

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