Survival, Build has never looked so good

July 7th, 2006 by Mr.Mouse

Duke Nukem 3DWe all remember good ol’ Duke, right? You know, Duke….Nukem? Well, ever since the release of Duke 3D, mister Duke has been a legend. Unfortunately, 3D Realms have seriously made asolute arses of themselves with the Duke Nukem Taking Forever Vaporware. And yet, there is a strong Following of The Original Duke 3D. And this has produced some stunning mod results in the past. Today, I wish to turn your attention to Survival. And Build has never looked so good. Survival is like any other Obscure Mod, made by dedicated people who see there is much more life into a long gone game. Or should I say, long gone engine. Frankly, nobody really cares that you can find their homepage on some Obscure Yahoo site. Why? Because of screenshots like this:

Screeny 2Screeny 1

Like I said, Build has never looked so good. The mod, that continues the story of Imagination World, features James that is stranded on a bizarre alien planet with many strange and dangerous lifeforms. James traverses the planet aimlessly until he learns of a Temple deep underground which could hold the solution to his current situation. You as the player take control as James as he battles his way across the planet, making new friends and enemies along the way whilst trying to Survive on this strange planet. Or so they say. In any event, the mod is aimed to be released somewhere in 2006 or 2007, and is created by modders like James Stanfield, Geoffrey Van Dijk and William Gee, so that could prove to be a very nice line-up. Keep an eye on it!

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