The Week at the Game Research Forum #4

February 3rd, 2014 by Devilot

Another week is past and another summary is here. The summary of next week, however, will come either on Friday or Monday, as I will be full on both Saturday and Sunday.



3D/2D Models

  • Metroid Prime: Antidote has discovered how bad can Metroid Prime modelling be.
  • Ratchet & Clank: Demonboy wants to understand this format.
  • Farsata has an animation problem.
  • Dead or Alive: work continues.
  • Silver 3d: work continues also here, albeit differently.
  • Castlevania: Karpati (oh, the irony) has released an updated version of his portable 3d Object Converter including Lords of Shadow 2 support.
  • Sniper Elite: lots of updates, from the same author.
  • AMD: Ryusui has an update for those interested.
  • Discussion on Maxscripts continues.
  • Sleeping Dogs: SergeantJoe’s crusade continues.

Audio File Formats

  • House of the Dead 4: HOTDfan (duh) wants to open the audio files.
  • Bioshock 2: Xstalker needs help with the repacking FSB files.
  • Alpha23 needs help in understanding a peculiar form of ADPCM. Everyone, move.
  • Mass Effect 2: yours truly in the flesh would like some help in getting those damn Mass Effect 2 SFX. Stupid machines.

Graphic Formats

  • Miasmata: Haoose provides solution.
  • Emrekumas61 wants to understand a font type.
  • God of War Ascension; HAIDER wants to crack the font.

Game Archive Research

  • The Old Republic: a positive update.
  • The Force Unleashed: a return of interest here!
  • GTA V: luxox18 has graciously shed some dds insight.
  • Archive X: apparently, development continues and has not stopped at all.
Compressed files and methods
  • Boukyaku Princess: finale00 wants to understand this flash game.
Game Localization
  • The Banner Saga: hyndai needs help in order to localize this game.
  • Blood Knights: and he also provided the answer for Blood Knights.

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