The Week at the Game Research Forum #3

January 29th, 2014 by Devilot

Quick Summary of the Week’s events. New Layout too, I believe. Hope it’s correct. Sorry for the lateness but I wanted to wait for more substantial entries, then I started working as a legal intern and studying for my second Master’s Degree and I forgot.



2D/3D Formats

  • Dark Souls: interest in the FLV files continues.
  • Sleeping Dogs: SergeantJoe asks for help again!
  • Warframe Online: script updated and development news.
  • Cursed Crusade: Zaramot is doing most of the work.
  • Diablo III animations: work continues well, apparently.
  • Silver: development has started.
  • Final Fantasy X HD: development continues, despite being slow.
  • Onimusha Dawn of Dreams: chrrox released a nice script.
  • AION: Pesmontis has made a request for a Collada exporter.
  • Cabal Online: FauxBestaan has released a nice script. I wonder if development will continue.
  • Dragon’s Dogma: Zaramod is tackling it.
  • Kingdom Under Fire 2: chrrox has made a very brief informative post.
  • Toukiden: orohu has made a request.
  • Real Racing 3: a lot of interest for this little Android game.
  • Aarklash Legacy: work continues on this project.
  • Heroes and Generals: medwed wants help for this game.
  • Kingdom Hearts 1: it deserves more recognition!
  • Rusty Hearts:¬†mm497905573 makes a request.
  • Ghostbusters: format has been successfully cracked it appears.
  • Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2: zardalu has made a request to crack the demo.
  • Astebreed: lots of data to read.
  • Ninja Ripper: hotgoblin has made a request.
  • Binary Domain: a Noesis script has been released, thanks a lot! Working for Yakuza too.

Audio File Formats

  • Gamecube ADPCM: AlphaTwentyThree needs help. Everyone, focus, now.
  • Mp3 Stereo to Mono: Alpha needs more help in knowing how to split stereo tracks without re-enconding.
  • Tonic Trouble: the work on those MPX files continues.
  • Electronic Arts .mus: continues¬†the work on this.
  • Wild Arms 2: SmashFan127 wants help for this.
  • .HCA Header: FinalBlast has some good news.
  • Star Trek/Darkness 2 audio: this is a bit more complicated than expected.

Graphic Formats

  • Army Men: SRDDonkey wants to understand this peculiar graphic format.
  • Necromancy: an old thread about textures.
  • SpongeBob Truth or Square: barti has released an updated script.
  • Diablo III TEX: development continues, albeit slowly.
  • NFL Blitz 2000: barti has made a couple interesting findings.

Game Archive Research

  • DPK4: GMMan wants help for this format.
  • LittleBig Planet Karting: Alpha23 needs some more help.
  • X: development continues.
  • War Thunder: thanks brendan19 for the batch command. Hope it works with many files.
  • Panzar: freakshow wants to tackle this “game”.
  • More criticism concerning money offers for tools.
  • KickBeat: reznov needs help.
  • The Matrix Path of Neo: renewed interest for this great game!
  • Metal Gear Rising: development continues.
  • FFXIII Lightning Returs: development continues also here.
  • Wild Arms 3: SmashFan’s effort continues, alone. Kudos for being so determined.
Compressed files and methods
  • Wild Arms 3 BIN: SmashFan127 continues his crusade for understanding the Wild Arms format.
  • Havok Animations: the work continues.
Game Localization
  • Blood Knights: hunpatrick wants help in understanding the BIN file.
  • Orcs Must Die 2: hunpatrick needs to understand .rear language files.
  • Bioshock Infinite: 3ps3 wants help in translating this game.

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