The Week at the Game Research Forum #1

January 9th, 2014 by Devilot

Happy new year! Sorry for being late, I’ll try to get this fixed ASAP.

2D/3D Formats

  • Tosyk continues to work on LA Noire heads.
  • Apparently, the (somewhat) pointless satire continues too.
  • And it’s also called upon as an example to follow.
  • But it’s not very successful, as this kind of behaviour still continues.
  • Friuns offers money for Trackverse xml parser.
  • Shakotay2 helps again for understanding Darksiders 2 .anm files.
  • Chipicao releases his Maxscripts. Thanks!
  • Payday 2 model format is still being investigated.
  • Mikulover39 is working on the remaster of FFX. Great!
  • AngryBirds importer is still being worked on.
  • After 95 pages .carbin models are still being worked on.
  • TaylorMouse made a script for Diablo 3 animations.
  • Fear Effect .wad files being investigated.
  • As is Samurai Showdown.
  • A desperate cry for help for the game DayZ.
  • WebGl extraction is still being investigated.

Audio Formats

  • Renewed interest for XMA Tranforming.
  • Droolie wants help for Tonic Trouble MPX files.
  • SmashFan127 continues his crusade in understanding Wild Arms data.

Compressed files and methods

Game Localization

  • Epik¬†wants help to translate a chinese game back to English.

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