Dutch Elections: Mod for Fallout: New Vegas

September 7th, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

As those of you following the Game Research Forum closely will have seen, some of us were (and are) working on mods for games, getting those 6 political party leaders into games. Well, the first one was released, with great work of dragbody and a bit from yours truly. We placed Mr. Sammos, Mr. Nilders, Mr. Rumor, Mr. Mech-Told, Mr. Bamu and Mr. Rotten in the game of Fall Out: New Vegas. Go to The Strip in the game after installing the mod and you will notice a group of men, with Mr. Nilders not really participating in any discussion. That’s them right there. Also, go to Goodsprings and in front of the General store there will be a footlocker with masks to put on, turning you into them! ;-)   Download the mod here. View a YouTube example, and then some further screenshots:
















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