RAGE was a mediocre game, no matter what the “critics” said.

April 22nd, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

Remember what I said about RAGE? Overhyped piece of tech demo. The discrepancy between the “critics” and the “gamers” at Metacritic is stunning. 79/100 say the “critics”. Gamers say 44/100. Now, there will be a lot of down-voting there as well because of the rediculous amount of bugs upon launch, but overall the trend is that gamers really don’t like the game apparently. Looking at Gamespot, users give it 70/100. I think it is safe to say that the game is mediocre at best, and that id Software have failed at delivering a high quality game, again. Their days have long gone. We will remember them for the early days of first-person shooters. But that was more than 10 years ago, and they don’t seem to have been able to keep up with current events.

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    The worst thing about this is they could have at least avoided some fan hate by never teasing us with their “just pop down the console and type ‘id studio’ and you are modding” , but they didn’t. I wrote an email to one of their techleads and he told me that they, as a whole, decided against doing modding tools after they realized it is way too difficult to package all the tools they used (probably licensed tools) and that the development for rage is far too difficult for the average modder anyway. I can dig that, fine, but again…the ijats at Bethesda Marketing Corp were still saying “mod tools are comming soon!” on their tweeter, literally that same day as I got the email from the guy. In reply he said, well..I don’t know anything about that – I guess they have a reason for saying that.” How the hell does marketing know more about mod tools than the tech lead?