Señor Casaroja released Noesis v1.31!

June 11th, 2010 by Mr.Mouse

noesisgui01_s.jpgYes, there is now the public release of a brilliant 3d models tool! With it you can open many game models to explore and even alter (in the future). From Final Fantasy 7characters  to Quake 2 whole maps, you can view them! Check out the rest of this post for all supported formats to date. Get the download at The Oasis. Discuss the release here at the Game Research Forum.

Noesis v1.31 supports the following game models and files:

.obj – WaveFront OBJ
.md5mesh – md5mesh (Doom 3, Prey, etc.)
.md5anim – md5anim (Doom 3, Prey, etc.)
.ase – 3D Studio Max ASE
.bsp – Quake 3 BSP
.bsp – Quake 1/Half-Life BSP
.animlist – Animlist
.lzs – FF7 PSX Battle Model
.proc – Doom 3 Engine Proc File
.glm;.gla – GHOUL2 Model or Animation
.rdm – RDM (model)
.rda – RDA (anim)
.smd – Valve SMD
.png – Heightmap
.raw – FF7 Crisis Core Model
.gmo – GMO Model/Animation
.ymo – YMO Model
.trb – FF13 Model
.tp;.tpr;.gmd – DOAX2/NG2 Model
.pac – Sword of the Berserk Model
.mld – Skies of Arcadia Model
.nj – Ninja Chunk Model
.dae – COLLADA
.rdmfrank – RDM Frankenstein
.bin – Hokuto Musou Model
.nmd – SC4 Model
.mod – DMC4/RE5/LP Model
.3ds – 3D Studio Max Binary
.ply – Stanford PLY
.map – Half-Life .map
.rim – RIM Image
.dds – DDS Image
.tex – DMC4/RE5/etc. Tex Image
.pvr – Ninja-style PVR Image
.tm2 – TIM2 Image
.gim – GIM Image
.tim – TIM Image
.tga – TGA Image
.png – PNG Image
.arc – ARC2.0 container
.fpk – FPK container
.pbp – PBP container
.bnd – BND container
.bnd – BND305 container
.thfs – THFS container
.hed – HED/WAD container
.xpk – XPK container
.dll – Windows Portable Executable
.ftr – FTR container
.arc – ARC container
.arc – ARC zlib/xmem container
.pak – Quake/Half-Life PAK container
.ni – NI/NA container
.tbd – TBD container
.dat – DAT/.1 container
.x360.bin – FF13 container
.zarc – ZARC container
.iso – ISO container
.afs – AFS container

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