October 19th, 2006 by Mr.Mouse

MexComDeniz Oezmen and Benjamin Haisch (John_doe) reverse engineer compression or encryption techniques while you wait! Visitors of the Xentax boards will have met Deniz and Benjamin before and have seen their prowess. I felt it time to set the spotlight on them for some excellent work they did. While I am not afraid of reverse engineering compression/encryption techniques (read the Definitive Guide), I am absolutely no expert. However, these guys play that game in a higher league. Two pieces of work I’ll highlight.

First, there”s Deniz that created a decompression tool by request at the forum at the same day the request was posted! Now that”s what I call fast! And what to think of Benjamin? On July 31st 2005 Xela posted a request for Total Air War DID file support in MexCom and this was succesfully accomplished, but we couldn”t figure out the “RA” compression technique used on the files. We even had to abandon that idea for a while. On October 12th 2006 Benjamin comes in: “I figured out the decompression scheme”. Not only that, but he posts a tool to decompress those files perfectly! Needless to say this got some people in the TAW community really excited. But that”s not all, Benjamin continues to create other extraction tools. No wonder he”s also a valued contributor to Home Of The Underdogs. Here”s to Deniz and Benjamin!

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