The Week at the Game Research Forum #22

June 17th, 2014 by Devilot

After a tremendous cold and a complete internet blackout due to moronic and idiotic ISP (I warned Mr Mouse), final week from yours truly 🙂

3D/2D Models

  • Watch Dogs: help needed for XBG models.
  • Dragon’s Nest: update coming soon.
  • Darksiders: script. problem solved.
  • Tales of Vesperia: help needed for animation files.
  • Darksiders II: zaramot has released a Maxscript. Kudos 😀
  • KH: the ever excellent GovanifY has released updated information.
  • Warlords of Draenor: progress updated.
  • Shin Migami Tensei: hex2obj discovered as a necessity for this game.
  • Forza Motorsport: help needed to understand game models.
  • Heaven of the Three Kingdoms: maxscript released, great!
  • Iron Man 3: request for releasing the script.
  • Battlefield 4: help needed to make sense of the model format.
  • Dead or Alive series: tool nearing completion.
  • S4 Model League: help neeeded for unconsistent model results.
  • Battlefield 4: help needed to understand dumper error.
  • Pokèmon battle Revolution: another bone error.

Audio File Formats

  • ADPCM: yours truly wants to decompress ADPCM to pcm.
  • Ratchet & Clank: work update.

Graphic Formats

Game Archive Research

  • Unity3d: Chipicao has posted an update with Hex values.
  • Giana Sisters Twister Dreams: sample file posted.
  • Watch Dogs: more archive data posted.
  • Shadows Heretic Kingdoms: I actually wanted to buy this game. BMS script posted.
  • SW TOR: progress and success achieved.
  • Tales of Xilia: progress being made thanks to Japanese version.
  • OpenIV: tool as a work in progress. video updated.
  • GTA V: more texture support for the tool.
  • Wolfensteain: .pages structure posted.
  • Disneyland adventures: archives discovered to be a ZIP variant.
  • Sleeping Dogs: hash calculator by Ekey discovered.
  • Farming Simulator: extraction \ injection help wanted. Data provided.
  • Just Dance 2014: hex data provided in order to understand fonts.
  • League of Legends: help needed in order for the first music mods to be created.

Compressed files and methods

  • Text Compression: after more than two years, it has been cracked.
  • Star Citizen: encryption key discovered.
  • Onigiri: help wanted for a yummy game.
  • .PAK: QuickBMS script released in order to extract contents.
  • Watch Dogs: encryption apparently similar to Assassin’s Creed.
  • KH2 Final Mix: GovanifY saves the day, wherever there’s KH!

Game Localization

  • A Story About my Uncle: solved by itself.
  • Among the Sleep: progressing but bugged.


  • No new version but a request from modding legend Truthkey!

Other Tools

  • FF7 Crisis Core: work starting on this. Noesis does already a pretty good job for this game tho.

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