The Week at the Game Research Forum #21

June 9th, 2014 by Devilot

Another week.

3D/2D Models

  • Dragon’s Nest: help needed, as per title.
  • KH1: tool being halted 🙁
  • Warlords WOW: sample uploaded.
  • S4 League: model exporting continues.
  • Shin Migami Tensei: info released for this.
  • Point Blank: more data shared on meshes.
  • Metroid Prime: ANCS files need explanation. Long overdue I’d say 🙂
  • Pokemon Battle Revolution: more data is required to process on this.
  • Darksiders: progress continues on this.
  • XMX 3D: more info is required. The format is complicated.

Audio File Formats

  • PSi-Ops: done and solved.
  • Spyro the Dragon: problem solved, apparently.
  • Eternal Darkness: FINALLY! Some interest for an awesome game! I was looking at those files too.

Graphic Formats

Oddly Enough, deserted this time. I wonder why.

Game Archive Research

  • Captain America: DATA files need to be explained more.
  • Coalesced CRC: more workings on this.
  • Star Ocean the Last Hope: tool being updated and more information added.
  • League of Legends FSB: a tool is required, and possibly present.
  • Unity Assets Explorer: small guide released.
  • Collapse: offer to make a script, apparently 😀

Compressed files and methods

  • Dynasty Warriors 8: compression doubt by the author.
  • LiveMaker Engine: never heard of this tool, but apparently it’s important.
  • Star Citizen: module released, and it needs to be decrypted.

Game Localization

  • Wolfenstein: progress going on, for this reboot.
  • A Story About my Uncle: japanese tool is needed to work on the UPK files.
  • Spongebob: problem opened and solved.
  • Tropico 2: text help needed.
  • Ys7: some help needed to decipher this data.
  • Toy Story 3: somewhat late for this game, but still good. The movie was amazing 🙂


  • Nothing new under the sun…

Other Tools

  • Gameloft Unscrambler released. Get it here.
  • HPK Archiver released, but files not found.
  • Beyond Two Souls: update coming soon.
  • Natural Selection mesh tool released!

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