The Week at the Game Research Forum #19-20

June 4th, 2014 by Devilot

Sorry everyone, I was in court almost every day, and this work takes longer than it looks.

EDIT: and I am feverish too…. dammit. This on top of a perfect week.

3D/2D Models

  • GT Racing 2: work beginning.
  • Gladius: models attached.
  • MGS1: kmd model requested.
  • Lego Movie 3D: help required.
  • Transformers: work initiated. Movie sucked, tho.
  • WoW Warlords: expansion downloaded, now waiting to know details.
  • PS3 One Piece: work commenced on this. Too bad the series is only halfway.
  • SW TOR: Noesis Plugin released.
  • KH1: toolset halted because author has no time 🙁
  • SKI model: maxscript released.
  • Splinter Cell 1: meshfile extracted.
  • Princess and the Frog: model help requested. That movie can be quite scary!
  • Unknown: hex data posted of animation file.
  • S4 League Model Exporting: workings initiated on exporting.

Audio File Formats

  • Crysis 3: problem solved.
  • Bound by Flame: discovered the music is OGG.
  • Ubisoft Sound: tool updated.
  • PCK Files: wwise doubt. I agree, the WWise official tool is not only complicated, but it does not work.
  • Psi-OPS: file and archive extracted but unreadable.
  • 3DS ARC: tools still private. Curse them.
  • Wildstar audio: some insight is required.
  • XMA Transform: thread updated, but no new release.
  • Hissing audio: issue in decoding audio, apparently.

Graphic Formats

  • Alan Wake: help wanted with the various files and textures. It is an interesting game.
  • Army Men: looking at animations is painful.
  • Guild Wars 2: textures are being worked on, apparently.
  • Gladius Ps2: tool works for textures, it shall work for models too.

Game Archive Research

  • League of Legends: progress update.
  • GTAV: progress on the tool for the game.
  • Saint Seiya PSP: help wanted for this game I ignored. Want to download.
  • NAMCO .AR: archive extracted but not unlocked.
  • Dynasty Warrior 8: work beginning on the format of this game.
  • Dark Souls: reverse engineering in progress.
  • Omikron: format work in progress.
  • DUST 514: Ravioli Explorer (?) works. Weheee.
  • Anomaly .DAT Extractor: released.
  • SW The Old Republic: update released.
  • FFIII: texture help wanted.
  • A Story About my Uncle: help needed for translating.
  • Project Cars: help wanted.
  • YS Seven ITV: also for this.
  • Dragon Quest VIII: work initiated on this game. Epic saga.
  • Watch Dogs: inevitable. Although the game is somewhat disappointing.
  • Wolfenstein: archive investigation.
  • RE Code Veronica: unpacker released.
  • ArchAge Online: work initiated on this game.
  • Goodbye Depoina: work and hex initiated on this.

Compressed files and methods

  • Havok Animations: topic still open for those who wish to contribute.
  • Uncharted 3: archives won’t recompile. any idea?

Game Localization

  • Watch Dogs: This was inevitable, I assume.
  • Wolfenstein New Order: serious progress being made.
  • The New Sleep: first thread, never heard of this game.
  • A Story About my Uncle: upk unpacker needed. Gildor made it?


  • New version was released. How nice 🙂

Other Tools

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