The Week at the Game Research Forum #18

May 19th, 2014 by Devilot

No rest weekend, hence this happens on Monday :D

3D/2D Models

  • ME2\ME3: help wanted in order to extract models.
  • Wild Arms 3: work continues on the BIN file.
  • KH1: toolset is a WIP of the excellent Gova :) .
  • Diablo III: model viewer on the way.
  • Havok Structure: vertex data needs to be read.
  • S4 League: script updated.
  • Splinter Cell 1: meshfile extracted.

Audio File Formats

  • KH Cutscene: audio cutscene ripping in progress, I’d say.

Graphic Formats

  • Nothing new under the sun :(

Game Archive Research

Compressed files and methods

  • Tales of Vesperia: update after Ekey’s script was released.
  • The Lost Vikings: DOS game needs some work done, for the author.
  • Havok ANIM: how difficult this appears to be.

Game Localization

  • GTAV: more info released about the in-game font.


  • Nothing relevant, this week. But the tool is as wonderful as ever. Wish it could view Metroid models, ah well. It can view ActorX stuff tho.

Other Tools

  • BTS Tool: more progress is made.
  • Bloodrayne Betrayal: tool released by Ekey. Will upload to the tools section.
  • DisUnity: more questions asked, less answers given.

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