The Week at the Game Research Forum #14

April 22nd, 2014 by Devilot

Disasters permitting, here is another week of research.

Hope everyone’s had a great Easter and a relaxing\stuffy Holy Monday!

Tremendous headache…

3D/2D Models

  • HOTD fan is back in the habit!
  • KH1: GovaniF has released a beta tool, everyone say “thanks” :)
  • FFXHD: Jecht (oh, the irony) is working on the models.
  • Natural Doctrine: Zaramot has released a maxscript.
  • And also one for Lost Planet 2.
  • Luxox18 needs help to understand if meshes have Havok baked in.
  • Released an experimantal tool to convert the Old Republic models to obj.
  • Reaper of souls continues to make interest spark for Diablo 3.

Audio File Formats

  • Yours Truly wants help for both ME2 and RE4 Wii. Wii!
  • Alpha23 still needs some help for an iOS adpcm.
  • .PCK files have to be worked on more
  • Dead Rising 2: the XMA2 format is worked on :D

Graphic Formats

  • LOS HD: only new thread is about Mirror of Fate HD Textures.

Game Archive Research

  • Warthunder: official tools discovered!
  • Titanfall is still a hot topic. Why, it’s beyond me.
  • RE4: UHD file solved.
  • Sleeping Dogs:  bigfiles see still a lot of work on them, especially for textures.
  • Black Desert: .PAZ files are still being worked on.
  • Naruto Ninja Storm: tools effectively under development.
  • World Tour Fishing: tool released by Ekey.

Compressed files and methods

  • Havok: SergeantJoe and Graty did their magic!
  • Wargame Red Dragon: edat files need to be cracked
  • Ishtaria: Ekey has saved the day once again. Wish he helped me too..
  • RaiderZ: still being worked on.

Game Localization

  • ACIV Black Flag: translation tools “badly needed”.
  • GTAV: Haider has made a very nice post with info about the game font.


Other Tools

  • Beyond two Souls tool: Major update last Wednesday.
  • DisUnity: more work required, apparently. And more investigations.

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