Turfster’s Solid Game Tools

July 20th, 2006 by Mr.Mouse

Turfster's Solidus Works!Regulator visitors of the Xentax boards must have come across the threads that discussed Metal Gear Solid game resource archives. Already in 2003, forum frequenter TheDyingInformant posted a request for MGS support in MexCom, that was continued in another thread to finally end up in the Metal Gear Solid 2 – Any luck? thread started by her in 2004. At the time, yours truly could not figure out most of the archive format, but that last thread has seen a lot of people jumping in to try and solve the case. One of the key persons there has got to be Turfster. Solidus is a Metal Gear game tool from Turfsters hands, and the latest version was released yesterday, with the following features:

- Extracts files from DAR and QAR archives
- Replaces files in DAR and QAR archives
- Converts XTI textures to TGA and DDS (single texture mode), extract TGA subtextures needed for models
- Converts TGA and DDS files to XTI textures
- Converts (most) KMY models to OBJ files

Here’s a shot:

Solidus by Turfster

Version 1.5 can be found at Turfster’s website, and don’t forget to check out some other tools by Turfster! It’s this sort of excellent cooperation what the Xentax Forums are all about! Update: links are dead. Get a program here: Download.