The Week at the Game Research Forum #12

April 7th, 2014 by Devilot

Another Week at the Xentax Forum. Aren’t you happy about it?

EDIT: Major system failure, lost 600+GB of data. Life sucks. Extremely angry. Spent saturday and sunday putting everything in place, that’s why I am late.

3D/2D Models

  • Marlow Briggs: DarkMan wants to understand its obscure format.
  • Webgl: success on both Chrome and Opera!
  • Samurai Showdown: testing is done on these models yay! I still remember Amakusa at the Arcade, the girl with the magic ball weapon.
  • Magic World II: CE needs help for those amazing NIF files.
  • Webgl: figuresculptor has released a massive script! thanks a lot!
  • Diablo III: amazing progress by TaylorMouse!
  • Saint Seiya Online: someone help CE! OMG a game about the Saints! a game with the damn CAPES!
  • Dead or Alive: work continues apparently. Porn galore.
  • LOS2: fix found for UV maps of Lords of Shadows 2.
  • 35$ Offer: Zaramot has given in to the dark side, and made some scripts :)
  • .RES: First post of Darkman
  • SB: bug report and update.
  • Ps3 EMB: lots of work being done here.

Audio File Formats

  • ADPCM: a new version in the new Batman game?

Graphic Formats

  • Mirror of Fate HD: progress is being done on the textures!
  • SW TFU: textures need to be investigated.
  • NTP3 to DDS: apparently there is this possibility.
  • Dark Souls 2: a very small bit of insight about the textures of this game, TPF.

Game Archive Research

  • ZuOnline: CE needs help in understanding this game’s archives.
  • Legend of Wukong: and this.
  • World Zero: and this!
  • Dungeon Striker: and this! Gee, prolific is an understatement.
  • Naruto Ninja storm: archive info posted and help wanted.
  • XPAC Unpacker: released by Ekey. Congrats!
  • DAT Unpacker (Anomaly): another release by Ekey!
  • DAT Unpacker (Hydrophobia): again, prolific is an understatement!
  • Lightning Returns: TRB Extractor worked on for two years. Kudos for persistence.
  • Arkham Origins: ARA files should be investigated.
  • Syphon Filter: resolutive necroposting for this PSP game.
  • NASCAR 2011: more work on the script.
  • CN Punch time: quickbms script made and working.
  • Tomb Raider: interest continues after the 2013 release of the script.

Compressed files and methods

  • Magic World II: compressed NIFs are the issue.
  • .ARA: info on this? Completely unknown the format is.
  • TDKR: cra0 should release a tool soon-ish. I didn’t even know the game existed, and I am a Batman fan!

Game Localization

  • The Wolf Among Us: problem solved. Props!
  • GTAV: test tools by Ekey. Getting better and better Ekey is.
  • Goat Simulator: apparently it’s getting localized!
  • Ground Zeroes: being worked on… lots of work ahead!


  • As popular as ever, the interest for this majestic tool never ends.

Other Tools

  • Dissidia 012: I am persistent.
  • Defiance tools uploaded to the tools section.
  • Evolution Engine Cache extractor is still a work in progress.
  • StarFox tools uploaded to the tools section.

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