The Week at the Game Research Forum #11

March 29th, 2014 by Devilot

Those who do not die, every now and then, return. Sometimes, even those who are dead return.

UPDATE: Lost two sections while writing this, have to restart. No idea why, so entries will be rushed, as I had almost finished… very pissed. Only Game of Thrones main title in flac can soothe me.

3D/2D Models

  • $ offer: lumix continues his quest for the importer-exporter.
  • Another $ offer: for King of Fighters, none the less.
  • Unity: more work continues for this simple and flexible engine.
  • FFXHD: last month’s issues have not been resolved.
  • Dawngate: chrrox has released one of his scripts!
  • Cabal 2: CriticalError is working on this game, and has solved most of his hiccups apparently.
  • XT: he also solved them for this game, thanks to Ekey!
  • Nine Days Myth: not so lucky for this peculiar game here.
  • Diablo III app: what?
  • Scarlet Legacy: cra0 has made some progress.
  • HOTD: HOTDfan tries it again!
  • J Stars: help wanted in getting the models out.
  • Dead or Alive: yay, more development!
  • God Eater 2: help wanted for this PSVita game. The original was quite nice..
  • SW TOR: zaramot updated the scripts. Kudos!
  • Sengoku Basara 4: he also released scripts for this game here.
  • .BIN files: models do exist in those.
  • Sonicomi: I admit I haven’t quite understood this.

Audio File Formats

  • XMA Transform: Alpha23 has only ever worked with towav. Rejoice.
  • ArcheAge: apparently this game has some good audio?
  • FIFA: looking for a NFS Sound Extractor.
  • Project Spark: Linkin Park galore!
  • Dead Rising 2: currently under inspection. will be back for more.

Graphic Formats

  • Castlevania Mirror of Fate: bad textures! Headers should not be missed!
  • SEGA TPL: first investigation of this difficult format.
  • Dark Sould 2: first thread about TPF textures of a maddening game.
  • Hay Day: interest for a relatively unknown game.
  • Eutechnyx: NASCAR textures need to be investigated a bit more, apparently.

Game Archive Research

  • Archive X: development continues!
  • Sine Mora: super update due soon!
  • Dreamy Theater: development stopped.
  • Fox Online: Ekey has released a decrypter.
  • Titanfall: work continues, cra0 confirms it.
  • UE4: some interest on this engine!
  • MGS DAT: little development every now and then..
  • Ninja Gaiden Z: coalesced.bin being investigated.
  • LEGO Game: first post, no new info.
  • LEGO LOTR: again, some small development every now and then.
  • South Park: compression method investigated.
  • Dawngate: extractor being worked on.
  • Audition 2: Ekey is making his magic.
  • Mitsurugi: the unpacker for this game works, apparently.

Compressed files and methods

  • J-Stars: leyme wants help for the archives.
  • LOL: progress is being made by thread creator, but some more support is still needed.
  • TalesWeaver: a rather obscure MMORPG needs to be cracked.
  • .DTA: Ekey needs support in understanding this format of Illusion games.
  • Fist of Fu: another pretty obscure game, which needs to be investigated.
  • .PT: format of those rhytm games needs to be understood. Let’s MaMbO!

Game Localization

  • Blackguards: .lang files being investigated. Never heard of the game tho.
  • Ground Zeroes: once michaelss has the time, he will look in the game files. He still needs help for Thief.
  • Digimon Rumble Arena 2: help wanted for translating a Pok√®m- wait..
  • Bioshock Infinite: little progress, perhaps?
  • LEGO Movie: author needs help for every boy’s favourite construction tools video game.


  • A quiet past week for Noesis, this was. And yet, more people have donated. Some more would be appreciated (myself included in this invite).

Other Tools

  • 3D Object Converter: backlash of interest.
  • Ninja Ripper: someone needs to better understand the heir of 3d ripper dx.
  • F-Zero GX Viewer: from 2011, a new tool is arising, in c++. Thanks StarkNebula!
  • Defiance Tools: those are being updated somewhat regularly. Nice job!

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