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Dutch Elections: Mr. Wilders mod for Grand Theft Auto IV

Sunday, September 9th, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

Over at our forum, huckleberrypie took up the challenge to make a mod for GTAIV based on the current theme. The great result speaks for itself. The mod introduces Mr. Wilders to the game, and if you follow the instructions you’ll be able to spawn the model anywhere to your liking, or even have Mr. Wilders as your bodyguard. If you feel like, you can also change your players model to his and play as him through the Liberty City underworld. See a YouTube example here. Or here. And here! To download it, and read the instructions, go here. Some more screenshots:


Dutch Elections: Mod for Counterstrike: Source

Sunday, September 9th, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

Indeed! Next up is the introduction of lookalikes in Counterstrike: Source. 6 models are changed. On the terrorist side you can now choose from Mr. Rutte, Mr. Wilders and Mr. Buma lookalikes. On the Counter-terrorist side you have lookalikes for Mr. Samsom, Mr. Roemer and Mr. Pechtold.  Trishty did an excellent job! Installation: Simply unpack the contents of the cstrike folder in the archive to the cstrike folder on your hard drive, replacing the existing models as you go. Models changed! To view a YouTube example, check here. To download the models, go here. Some screenshots:


Revisit Wing Commander!

Monday, July 17th, 2006 by Mr.Mouse

Wing Commander 1Launch back to the Wing Commander universe and join the conflict between Earth and Kilrah once more. Those of you old enough to have been there when the Origin’s Wing Commander games first came out on the Amiga and DOS systems (around 1990) may still get all excited when they hear that there’s a good chance to return to world of WC and kick some new Kilrah ass. Two mods for Freespace 2 and Homeworld 2 are showing good promise. (more…)

Survival, Build has never looked so good

Friday, July 7th, 2006 by Mr.Mouse

Duke Nukem 3DWe all remember good ol’ Duke, right? You know, Duke….Nukem? Well, ever since the release of Duke 3D, mister Duke has been a legend. Unfortunately, 3D Realms have seriously made asolute arses of themselves with the Duke Nukem Taking Forever Vaporware. And yet, there is a strong Following of The Original Duke 3D. And this has produced some stunning mod results in the past. Today, I wish to turn your attention to Survival. And Build has never looked so good. (more…)