CSDb Analyses III

Okay, this third page is just about rambling. Note that I’ve edited it on the 17th of October, because of a glitch in my database. The figures here are more accurate.

Check out the number of groups formed according to CSDb. That is a total of 1747 (October 2010) out of a total of 5802 listed at the time of database lock. Yes, that means that around 70% of Groups listed do not have a Founded date. Here’s the graph per country.

As you can see, there is a top 5 dominated by Germany by a long shot, then Sweden, United States of America, Denmark and The Netherlands. Of course, this is just what is in the CSDb listed with a date when the group was founded! It could be that the actual figures differ, with only 30% of groups correctly dated by that variable. It does show that Germany is very much involved in CSDb. 😉

Now, here’s that graph on the number of new groups founded per year.

Let’s look at that graph, per country.

As you can see, at CSDb, the Germans have created a lot of Groups over the years, and there seems to be a small increase even in 2006. Be advised that this is purely based on CSDb, but no-one will doubt the immense popularity of the machine in that country since its introduction.

Interestingly, the Base Country variable is filled in more: around 80% of listed groups have that filled. Check out the total number of Groups listed by Base Country.


The top 5 is more or less the same, apart from a small switch in places. Germany dominates with nearly 1200 groups (1189), followed by Sweden with 483, then The Netherlands with 401, the United States with 387 and finally Denmark with 366. Clearly there are some strong C64-scene countries, and it will be no surprise which countries dominate still.

Releases per country (Based on Groups category at CSDb)

Looking at the number of releases listed if you look at those that are shown when you look at a Group entry at CSDb, you can find that there are a total of 84981 releases that also have a year of release.

Now, check out the figure that shows the number of releases per country by year.

groups_v4_releasespercountrybyyear.jpg As you can see, Germany not only had the most groups during the Golden Era, it also had the most releases. But the figure shows some other interesting aspects. For instance, it shows which country had the first true peak in releases and went back down again. This was The Netherlands in 1987 (as you can see, at that time there were more releases from Germany, but only to reach a peak in 1988).
Furthermore, the highest yearly number of releases was 2207 by Germany in 1988. The second highest number of releases per year was 1346 from The Netherlands in 1987, closely followed by 1340 from the United Kingdom (+Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) in 1988. As a matter of fact, if we arbitrarily cut-off the number of releases at 1000 releases per year, we see that only a few countries reached this number sometime during any year. During the Golden Era, there were only 6 countries that reached that number: Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark and The United States. Together, they produced 58363 (73%) releases out of 80060 listed with a BaseCountry. This means that those 6 countries are practically responsible for 3/4th of the C64 scene in terms of releases. It will be interesting to relate that figure to more data to come, and to  per-capita number of releases.

This is some rambling yet again, that I uploaded quite obscurely. It suggests that we are living in a new Golden Age of C64.