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The XeNTaX Foundation
The Netherlands
KvK (Dutch): 02094186
Bank account (Dutch):
IBAN: NL62ABNA0485004585


XeNTaX is a non-profit organisation that aims to enhance the quality of internet for the ‘middle man’ through low-cost/high quality hosting for (internet-based) projects deemed priority by the board. XeNTaX’s scope is broad and is specifically interested in supporting people that have very good ideas (be it in the game world, programming world, utility world etc).


– XeNTaX was originally founded in 1989 as a Commodore 64 demo/music group in the ‘scene’.
– XeNTaX composed some music for the PC in the late 1990’s.
– At the turn of the century work focused on producing game modding tools, of which MultiEx Commander was one of the projects of note.
– Focus then shifted to analysis of the game world, with statistical papers published about CSDb, MobyGames and Metacritic.
– The XeNTaX Foundation was founded in june 2006.