The Team

The following people all contribute to game file format research at Xentax one way or another.


Mr.Mouse (Mike Zuurman) is the author of various game modding related tools, of which MexCom and the associated MexScript (that compiles to BMS, Binary MultiEx Script) are the primary ones. He”s cofounder of Xentax as a Commodore 64 scene music group in 1989, and cofounder of Xentax as a Foundation in 2006. He is busy with just about anything in Xentax, and is excelling in file format analysis.


Captain (Arjan Dikhoff) is cofounder of the Xentax Foundation. He’s responsible for the continuity of the Xentax websites. He can program in just about any language and is employed as a coder of web based applications at a specialized company. He is the author of EarthClock, and many other programs.


Author of many tools. He wrote the PluginManager for MexCom. Programmer by profession and skilled in file format analysis. Currently recreating MexCom in C#.NET “for the practice”.


Watto (Michael Watson) is author of the Game Extractor, a program similar to MexCom. Together with Mr.Mouse he wrote the Definitive Guide to Exploring File Formats. He excels in a lot of stuff, one of which is file format analysis. Programmer by profession. Visit him at


PXR is a regular at the boards, and also author of MexScripts (BMS) for MultiEx Commander! He was one of the first, besides Mr.Mouse, to actually create new scripts himself! As such, he’s a pioneer into BMS. Get to him at .


KorNet has been invaluable in linking already supported formats in MexCom to other unsupported games, thus expanding the number of supported games considerably. You can find him at the Xentax boards.


Dinoguy1000 (AKA Dragon Lord of Xanther) is master of of the Xentax game file format WIKI and helps out often at the Xentax boards. Involved in modding the Carnivores games.


Zench is involved in coding, hex-editing and more coding. He had the idea to create a MexCom plugin for Game Explorer-plugins and has finished a working version. He also took up the job as news poster here at Xentax! Meet him at the forum! 

Trass3r (AKA Rheini)

Helps out many people at the Game Research forum by investigating files, and more importantly, creating many custom tools. Also writes comprehensive tutorials on the subject of file exploration. Has his own domain : !


Author of many excellent game related tools (see his site ), bugtest is now working on quickbms, a command line tool that is based on Mr.Mouse’s MultiEx Script (MexScript/BMS). QuickBMS takes MexScript and builds on it. This enables a lot more formats to be supported! Bugtest is also excelling in reverse engineering and file format demystification ! Find him at the Game Research Forum !


Author of game related tools (such as save file editors), has a lot of experience in dealing with Xbox save files. Visit him at


Specializes in investigation of graphic files such as 2d and 3d models. Knows his way around modeling packages himself as well. Is the man to ask anything graphics related at the Xentax boards.

A veteran at the Xentax boards, he never shies away from helping out people with requests. Actively helps out in the file format investigations and calls for help on others as well. You can find him at the Xentax boards.


Author of Jaeder Naub, a media extractor that supports a lot of different media types. Strobe is also a veteran at the Xentax boards, naturally he knows a lot about identifying media. Visit him at the Xentax Forum!


Main man of the pages. He created the new logo for MexCom and supported the project with a plug at his site. You can also find him at


Author of XXIExplorer, a tool to extract from various Wrestlemania related files. Also actively participates in file format analyses at the Xentax boards. You can find Jasmin”s tool here:


Author of specific game archive editing tools, such as Solidus for Metal Gear: Solid Snake files. Actively participates at the Xentax boards. Get Turfster”s tools here at

Janusz Dziemidowicz

Janusz has created a linux implementation of MexScript (also referred to as BMS) for Fusepak. You can find the results here

Deniz Oezmen

Author of decompression/encryption and extraction tools. He also translated the MultiEx GUI to German. You can find him at the Xentax boards! Figures out compression techniques while you wait!

Benjamin Haisch (John_doe)

Extremely skillful at reverse engineering compression/encryption techniques. Author of various such tools and a contributor to the reknown Home of the Underdogs. Also worked on the DXA video encoder for the ScummVM project. You need something decompressed? Find him at the Xentax boards.


A forum regular, Darkfox likes to poke around Game Resource Archive Formats when he’s not drawing, putting stuff into his own games, or, when in college. Has been into game modding for years and years! Tries to help out where he can, and shares his knowledge. As he puts it : ‘My skills I would say is game modding and intuition.‘ Alternatively known as “KyuubiDarkfox”, “ShinDarkfox” and “ShinjuuDarkfox” on the net, though “Darkfox” is what most would call him. Find him at the Xentax Forum!

And then there are many more regulars at Xentax that make it all work too! They are all invaluable to the project.