The Week at the Game Research Forum #2

January 16th, 2014 by Devilot

Putting back a monster update, thanks to forgettin the “Game Archive” for quite some time.

2D/3D Formats

  • SmashFan127 wants help for Spyro the dragon WAD files.
  • ZeroGravity has updated his script for Diablo III animations¬†to also support the expansion. YES!
  • Bogus needs some kangaroo help.
  • Ryder25 has solved his animation¬†issues.
  • LUBDAR wants help for a Diablo III app.
  • Lumis really needs help.
  • Kingdom Hearts interest, again. Yay!
  • Janglesworthy shares 3d info.

Audio Formats

  • Amran wants help for XWC files of the Starbreeze engine.
  • XMA transform interest continues.
  • Keystothemaxim solved his MAME CHD problem.
  • FinalBlast has found a temporary solution for his HCA header problem.
  • A certain user wants help for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 audio voice files.

Graphic Formats

  • Root670 wants help to understand 8 bit sizzled textures.
  • Lemurboy12 wants help for Spongebob PSP graphic files.
  • Doctor Loboto wants help for Ghostbusters .tex files.

Game Archive Research

Compressed files and methods
  • Phnx has made a couple interesting discoveries for Kingdom of Alumar.
Game Localization
  • Djokay answers the problem on how accessing Cars 2 localization files.

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