The week at the Game Research Forum #34

August 25th, 2013 by Mr.Mouse

Let’s take a look at Week 34 at our lovely forum.What have they been up to? Click on “more” for the full article.

2D/3D models

Audio formats

Graphics formats

Game Archive Resource Formats

Compressed files and methods

  • Molt is working on Cultures 2 file formats and needs help with just the MAP and save formats, he posted some interesting stuff on the other file formats.
  • blubber joined to ask for help to “copy all my Singstar Songs from the DVDs (Ps2)/Blu-rays(PS3) to my HDD” in Singstar (PS3) .pkf file with zlib.
  • shakotay2 points out to onelove1210 (from last issue), that these NIFs are not actual NIFs in MMOFPS .nif.
  • blugodzia joined to ask for help on figuring out an LZ format in Battle Arena Toshinden (PC/DOS) DATA.TSD.
  • cra0 hits his head and posted he realized “.gla files are containers for PVR” and he will reverse them soon in The Dark Knight Rises .gla.
  • AlphaTwentyThree posted a QuickBMS mexscript for Half-Life (2001) PS2 – *.pak in his 27 page My quickBMS scripts thread.

Game Localization

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