The week at the Game Research Forum

August 17th, 2013 by Mr.Mouse

Today, let’s take a look at some of the things going on at the Game Research Forum this week. A selection of new topics this period, and some brief information. Check it out!

Shakotay2 helped out !!!!! and created a fix for a QuickBMS script for Rayman Legends *.IPK files that work on PC/XBOX360 files at least, other platforms not yet tested. !!!!! still needs help with the PC audio container of Rayman Legends though. Researchman is interested in an Dragon’s Crown *.AWB, *.ACB unpacker. Meanwhile, Vosvoy came in to ask for help converting PayDay 2 sounds to IMA ADPCM, only to help himself along the way as he was editing his original request, coming up with a solution using VLC! FantasyHeroBoy was aided by MiLØ in converting Inuyasha Feudal Combat *.XAG files to WAV. Speaking of audio, JohnGrimm would like some help with Xuandou Zhiwang *.FSB files. If anyone can help Nobby with a strange *.JPG format from Test Drive Unlimited 2 he would be most appreciative. Alon needs his *.DDS files from Gundam Breaker fixed (PS3) and Gh0stblade is offering a hand. Ekey uploaded a tool to unpack Ducktales Remastered *.PAK files, and another to encrypt/decrypt the assets/art.dat from Papers, Please. If anyone has info on how to import *.NIF model files from Squad in NifSkope, onelove1210 would like to hear it. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier *.SDAT files from PS3 can be unpacked using a tool pointed to 3ps3 by Thief1987. Finally, MrAdults’ Noesis thread is nearly reaching 100 pages length! Research on, folks!

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