MultiEx Commander 4.5.1 released

August 4th, 2013 by Mr.Mouse

Some bugs were addressed in this minor update of the original Multi game file archive editor MultiEx Commander. Also, donations required to obtain it go down to 5 euros! Check The readme says:

MultiEx Commander 4.5.1 Release Candidate 1.1 (Alpha) README.TXT
July 2013

Minor Changes:

* Bugfix: (re)Compression of files as needed was failing.
* Bugfix: Browsing for files in left Mex Editor window was failing.
* Bugfix: Failure of decompression of files left some other files open, causing mayhem.
* Bugfix: Failed compression on files when user opted for extraction anyway would not work.
* Textual changes

Important note: You must at all times run MultiEx Commander as administrator. Make sure you set this in the short-cut accordingly.
If you do not run MultiEx Commander as admin, problems with file management may arise, causing the program to run ashore.

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(C) 2006-2013 The Xentax Foundation

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