135 tools listed at our Game modding Tools Blog

July 5th, 2013 by Mr.Mouse

We’ve been busy adding some more lately, thanks also to ikskoks for his work, and there are now 135 tools! Some titles are: BF Extractor (Jade Engine games), JADE Game Engine .bin file pack-tool v1.0, Fable 2 Tools, MPQ Editor, Decrypt Perry, Arcania Audiostream Unpacker, BloodRayne Tools v3.7 and many others. Go to the Tools now!

  • Daniel Duroy

    Oh so you really need donations to support “hosting” ?? Web-hosting almost cost nothing nowadays. There a web hosters that offers GBs of disk space and unlimited bandwidth for free.

    You are destroying the entire community of decompilers dev with your fake forum always displayed at the top of Google results with links to invaluable scripts and decompilers lost for ever because removed or moderated.

    Go burn to hell with your website and I hope another forum that won’t try to make money with this will open where everybody will have access to knowledge.