EarthClock version 1.0 Beta released!

February 7th, 2004 by Mr.Mouse

Here’s a nifty gem for you! EarthClock is a little app by Arjan Dikhoff (Captain Corny) that displays a realtime view of the earth, and overlays a clock. That’s all! The realtime view is accomplished by downloading images every 5 minutes from “Earth and Moon viewer” by John Walker. Basically, you can watch the earth slowly revolving from a choice of views, and it’s a clock too. Version 1.0 Beta introduces some nice eye-candy, which unfortunately comes with some pretty expensive image manipulations (alpha-blending and most notably bilinear filtering). The good news is that EarthClock is now skinnable (see readme.txt for information for creating skins)! Grab this shiny pearl at the EarthClock page where you will also find screenshots and more information!

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