Blizzard raided in Korea for conning gamers with Diablo 3

June 2nd, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

Check this out:

It is an interesting case. But a just cause. If you’ve bought the game, but are unable to play it due to the dramatic way Blizzard organised their servers (and still!), you should be getting a refund. You don’t pay your good money just so that Blizzard can take it without delivering.

The Korean approach is long due, and this will hopefully be followed in other countries as well. Blizzard are an arrogant, incompetent and greedy organization that are only interested in profits with unstable releases of tired old games. Time to take the money back they stole from the gamers. So that they will think twice about releasing a new product completely unprepared.

Blizzard, you fanbase is diminishing by the hour. Sure, there will be enough gamers to continue to con, but the law just might be on our side. And then your conduct will be punished. Your annual conferences are aptly named BlizzCon. To con.

  • Junk

    Actually as far as I am aware, the raid is not due to any con or anything similar to that.

    It’s due to blizzard’s no return policy which may be against Korean laws even for software.

    And let’s be honest here – if the no return policy falls, you can expect a lot more post release DLC for games in the future, since they’ll have to keep players in beyond the standard 30 day limits.