Blizzard fail at Diablo 3

May 23rd, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

We warned that Diablo 3 would not launch well (technically) in the post about the failed beta stress test. We (and many others) were right. The launch was a technical joke, with Blizzard seemingly having gained nothing from the stress test, and lost a good part of their fan base. (Though they sold 6.3 million copies, which is a great success. Times $60 = $378.000.000).  The crappy technical launch, the DRM, the lag on single player, the online need to play even the single player campaign, the extremely short and linear main campaign (undoubtfully to quickly start selling “add on quests” in the mold of WoW, dragging even more money out of gamers as the game itself is already ludicrously priced), the numerous errors preventing play, tired gameplay, lost save games, stolen and hacked accounts, etc etc have proven that Blizzard’s only intend must have been to make quick money, even if they took 12 years to create it (and still they were not prepared). Here’s a small collection of posts surrounding the “epic fail” of the once innovative Blizzard. Take heed that reviewers still rave about the game, and cannot find fault with it, though metacritic users have en masse punished Blizzard for their conduct.

I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an error 37 to Diablo 3.