RAGE: Overhyped piece of tech-demo

October 9th, 2011 by Mr.Mouse

While one side of the world was blinded by either money or saw Carmack as the second coming, in reality RAGE sucks. A simplistic show-case of Id’s new engine which bores the hell out of everyone and can in no way match any decent shooter to date. I would have expected much more from Bethesda who in their own right actually dominate the story-telling craft, with bloody awesome titles such as Morrowind,  Fallout, Oblivion and quite possibly the upcoming Skyrim. Whatever Bethesda did with Id Software, it wasn’t teach them how to create a convincing story, nor how to immerse the player in a game, and make the player feel it can relate to the character it plays. Of course, if you look back on Carmack’s history, he is a game engine nerd, with no affinity to gameplay, and although some have called for the return of Romero, I do not think the latter has kept up with the teachings of Gameplay University. And on top of that, Romero has shown he was overrated at the time as well. I wonder if console owners have ever played a really good, deep interactive shooter with an excellent story that PC owners have come to be used to.  Playing through a couple of impossibly texture-bugged levels on the PC, it was clear that the game has the depth of a brick. Talking about bricks, it seems to crash a lot too. “Update your drivers! Create a rageconfig.cfg and place all of these tweaks in! Wait for the patch! ” is what we are told, and even those options won’t help all bugs to go away (and even make some worse!). Look, the average player does not know how to do all this, nor should ever have to do that. Install and play. That is what should happen. Anything else is just crap. At the very least the game needs to check if all requirements are there, and if not, tell the user to go buy this or that and shut down. But if you look at the GFX tuning options in the game, there isn’t much you can do. That makes RAGE a definite corrupted port of a below-average console game. Avoid at all costs.

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