Lords of Midnight Wrapper 0.2

March 30th, 2011 by Mr.Mouse

lomwrapper.jpgThere’s a new version of LOMWrapper. Now with a Replay option. You can also save the army and lord information of all turns into TAB delimited text files for later study. I created the splash music in Goattracker.

Get it here: lomwrapper0_2.zip

  • Desmond Barry


    Thanks for the work on the Lords of Midnight wrapper – it looks extremely useful. I’m having difficulty getting it to run on my Win7 machine. First I had Comdlg problems that I fixed but now it appears there is a Runtime error 9 issue. Are there any plans to update the wrapper for Win 7 ?

    If not, don’t worry – excellent job regardless.


  • Mike Zuurman

    It works fine on Windows 7 with me. Get CCS64 3.8 or 3.9 and start it. Load up Lords of Midnight there. Then start the Lomwrapper 0.2, that you must extract with all files. Make sure you run it as Administrator.