Three new games supported in MexCom

October 9th, 2006 by Mr.Mouse

MexCom BMSMr.Mouse created three new MexScripts to use in MexCom. The MexScripts are also available from the WIKI source from within MexCom. Set the BMS source to WIKI in Options. Note that the scripts are still unofficial so set the source also to unofficial in the Load Archive dialog. Play with the All and Ext filter to see the new games in the Type lists. The new game resource archives supported are : Breath of Fire 4 (PSX) *.EMI files, Wing Commander 3 (PSX) &.LIB files and The Cars THQ (PC) *.RES files. Don’t forget to Vote for the scripts if they function okay for you. To do this, select the Supported Games list in Help and double click on vote for the appropriate game/archive.

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