Racing to our cause!

August 30th, 2006 by Mr.Mouse

Chas racing How about some original ways to support MultiEx Commander, Chas and DavehI must have thought, and get a MexCom key in the process. First came Chas, a 16 year old young man from Michican, USA, who’s racing his bikes (4 of ‘em) at national level, and an absolute fan of MX vs ATV Unleashed (“and I happen to be quite good at it”). He races the B class, but plans on moving up to the A class next year. Check out some of his racing pics here. He then came up with an original idea to support MexCom.

He created some MexCom logos and asked us which one we’d like best. He then made some stickers and put them on his bike! Now whenever he’s racing, he’s advertising for MexCom! A brilliant plan! Check out the shots of the stickers! Nice going Chas, we wish you good luck with the races and that key is yours.

MexCom stickers on Chas' bikeChas flying

Then there’s DaveI, another 16 year old young man from a town near Johannesburg, South-Africa, who is equally addicted to motocross and also likes his BMXing. He wants DaveI drew the MexCom logo to put on his bike! to get into freestyle motocross some day. He’s a bit bored with MX vs ATV Unleashed, and wishes to use MexCom (“the greatest thing for PC Gamers”) to get into some new bikes and gear for the game. He also had the idea to do some advertising for MexCom by drawing-up some stuff to put on his bike! He’s send us a pic of it too, check it out. As DaveI has had the same idea, independently of Chas, he also deserves a code for originality. Though Dave, you do know you miss-spelled Xentax a bit? Anyway, thanks guys and happy racing!

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