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XeNTaX is 20 years old!

Friday, May 8th, 2009 by Mr.Mouse

Old XeNTaX Logo (1989)This year, in 2009, XeNTaX has been around for 20 years! Count ‘em! All these years ago, Mr.Ammo and I had been active on the Commodore 64, mainly being lame and hacking other people’s demo’s, as the Unidentified Software Busters (USB). In 1989, we thought it time to do away with all that and start creating our own stuff. Of course, we could not do this as USB, and we founded XeNTaX. A fresh, new group, that would focus on graphics. We¬† created several attempts at demos, Mr.Ammo and I both drawing, while I took up the coder part as well. We soon realised that we needed something more, and I started composing c64 sid tunes (we both played in the same bands already, and I composed some music for that band). Our first music demo was Toxic Waste, featuring 6 of my early tunes and graphics by Mr.Ammo. Toxic Waste was picked up by the German diskmagazine and demogroup Blaze and asked us to join their editorial board of the magazine Addybook, while also joining Blaze as spreader (Mr.Ammo) and musician (Mr.Mouse). We then turned XeNTaX into a C64-music group (in the C64 scene), and had members from all over the world. In 1993, however, XeNTaX stopped the C64 activities and lay low for a while. Some of us did compose some tunes on the Amiga and PC during those years, but it wasn’t until 1997 that activities on the PC started to increase. In 1998 we build our first website, and released stuff for the PC, such as MultiEx Commander, some other small demos, and some PC tunes. In 2001, the first windows version of MultiEx Commander was released and in 2003 we started the Game Research Forum. A few years later, in 2005, the Game File Format Central. Finally, we became an official foundation in 2006.

Now we are here, 20 years later since the first XeNTaX release on the Commodore 64! Happy anniversary to all! Check the Softography page for some of our releases, from the C64 days to 2001.

Oldie: MultiEx Commander v2.3 (DOS)

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 by Mr.Mouse

MultiEx Commander DOSThe MultiEx Commander project originally started on the DOS platform. First there was the commandline tool multiex.exe in 1997, that used the first version of MexScript to process multiple different game resource archives for¬†extraction and updating. MultiEx Commander (1998-1999) was then build as graphical user interface for users. Hence the name, Commander. The last DOS version was 2.3 in 2001 (the first Windows version was 3.0 in 2001). I’ve uploaded most of the relevant files of the DOS version over at the forum here. There you will find the installation files, source code, screenshots and DOCS. For old-time’s sake! Install DOSBox or similar first and then start the installation when in DOSBox mode. It’s quite fun to relive the beginning!