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Shalebridge Cradle

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 by Mr.Mouse

TDS16.jpgWhile I know enough‘s been said about this level in Thief III: Deadly Shadows, I feel the need to just stress this once more. Shalebridge Cradle is pure and utter evil taken digitized form. Kieron Gillen wrote an excellent feature on just this single level in the March 2005 issue of PC Gamer. Those of you that’ve played this game and dared enter the Cradle will know exactly what I mean. It’s been a few years since, but no-one has ever even come close to achieving what the team behind Thief III did. The Cradle is the most important piece of level-design this last decennium. Having played games from the early 1980′s onward, feeling tense while playing Doom for the first time, while being startled by those damn facehuggers in Half Life, this…is something quite different. When you – as Garrett – enter The Cradle, you enter the Cradle. This level will envelop you, suck you into it’s evilness and scare the hell out of you. Not by yelling BOO! at every corner, no no. That’s for the amateurs. (more…)

Robot Wars PS MexCom Plugin

Friday, July 27th, 2007 by Mr.Mouse

651-1.jpgThough an obscure game and hard to find, a request came in by fatduck to support *.DAT files of this game called Robot Wars. Notably, this should be from the Playstation (Portable?) version. You’ll note all the *.GIM files in the DAT archive, so this tells you it is indeed from some console game that used OPTPIX iMagestudio to edit the games’ textures etc. Get the plugin here.

MultiEx Commander in Hungarian!

Friday, July 27th, 2007 by Mr.Mouse

MexComThanks to Sziládi Zsolt we now have a Hungarian version of MultiEx Commander! To install this translation all you need to do is unpack the zip archive and copy the “data” folder you obtain to the folder where you installed MultiEx Commander. You have two files: one in the data/eul folder and one in the data/languages folder. Simple!

Of course, with this comes also a Hungarian MultiEx Commander webpage, thanks a bundle Sziládi

Download the MexCom Hungarian Language files!

Puzzle Quest (PSP) Plugin and XMLConv Tool

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007 by Mr.Mouse

Puzzle Quest Mr. Mouse released a MexCom plugin for *.PAK files from the Playstation Portable game Puzzle Quest. By request at the Game Research forum, the PAK format was demystified. In addition, Deniz Oezmen created a tool to convert binary XML files back to text form. Options: Read the whole discussion, Learn about the PAK format, Get the Plugin, Get XMLConv.