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Release of MexCom 4.3 1st of October!

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006 by Mr.Mouse

MexComJust a small teasing, yet informative post that the release of version 4.3 of MexCom is imminent. The public release is scheduled for the 1st of october. MexCom 4.3 will feature wiki ( ) based game support, new games, new load archive dialog, new additions to the MexScipt, running non-compiled MexScript of game archives and more. So be sure to get it when it’s released. As the new version will make more use of our server, and a lot of effort was put into it, the minimum donation required to be able to make use of all advanced features will rise to a fee of $10. The unlocked features will continue to be available in up to three subsequent releases of MexCom!