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Retro time! Complete SID collection of Mr.Mouse

Saturday, February 28th, 2004 by Mr.Mouse

After browsing through some old Commodore 64 disks Mr.Mouse discovered some old sid* tunes he composed back in the day. The collection of 64 sid tunes now includes the last two songs ever, Europe United 2002 (december 2001) and Go Go Go! (january 2002), and Ready for Freddie (1992), Yuntarc (1992), Digihack 1 (1991) and Note to Hotline (1989/1990). Only for old timers! ;-) Here’s the collection! *Play with THIS Sidplay 2!

MultiEx Commander featured in PC Extreme!

Wednesday, February 18th, 2004 by Mr.Mouse

The UK PC tweakers magazine PC Extreme published a two-page feature on MultiEx Commander, including a step-by-step beginner’s manual to the tool. In addition, the writer, Nick Walkland, tells about the history of the tool over the years, the tool principles and it’s use for the general public. MultiEx Commander also featured on their coverdisk as “the ultimate game modding utility”! We’re glad they agree! Those of you not familiar with the concept should perhaps get your own copy of the magazine, or simple go to the MultiEx pages here on!.

EarthClock version 1.0 Beta released!

Saturday, February 7th, 2004 by Mr.Mouse

Here’s a nifty gem for you! EarthClock is a little app by Arjan Dikhoff (Captain Corny) that displays a realtime view of the earth, and overlays a clock. That’s all! The realtime view is accomplished by downloading images every 5 minutes from “Earth and Moon viewer” by John Walker. Basically, you can watch the earth slowly revolving from a choice of views, and it’s a clock too. Version 1.0 Beta introduces some nice eye-candy, which unfortunately comes with some pretty expensive image manipulations (alpha-blending and most notably bilinear filtering). The good news is that EarthClock is now skinnable (see readme.txt for information for creating skins)! Grab this shiny pearl at the EarthClock page where you will also find screenshots and more information!

MultiEx Commander 3.9.69 released!

Monday, February 2nd, 2004 by Mr.Mouse

A new version of MultiEx Commander (the now Open Source project at is available. It includes the new formats for EA Cricket 2004 *.GOB, BloodRayne *.POD, Syndicate Wars *.DAT and Sacrifice *.WAD. We have hopefully also fixed the bug in there whenever people chose to download the new version (executable) from the web from within the program. Furthermore, it adds the import feature of ActiveX plugins, anyone could write an ActiveX plugin for MultiEx Commander, providing certain rules are honoured. This is in an alpha stage however. More details later. Download the new version right here!