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Back after downtime and a few more MultiEx formats!

Saturday, January 17th, 2004 by Mr.Mouse

Our webhost experienced some technical/management problems which caused downtime for multiple websites, including XeNTaX.COM. Our appologies for any inconvenience!
We have released some of the MultiEx scripts that were created after people discussed new possible additions with Mr.Mouse at the OpenMex, MultiEx forums here at XeNTaX. They are released as updates from within MultiEx Commander. That means that you can either 1. use the “Websupport->Get update for offline support” option if you never download the scripts from our website but use the local resource file. 2. If you always get the scripts from the web, then you will have to do nothing, because you automatically use the latest available scripts! Which games they support? Ah, Bloodrayne POD files, and Syndicate Wars DAT files!

Snapshots of old, historical Commodore 64 stuff!

Tuesday, January 13th, 2004 by Mr.Mouse

Just for fun, Mr.Mouse snapped some shots of old c64 progs that were created back in the late 1980′s-early 1990′s under the USB and XeNTaX label. :P My my, wasn’t that bad! :D Well, perhaps only all bad until 1991…