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OpenMex 0.1 Alpha released!

Saturday, October 18th, 2003 by Mr.Mouse

What the…? Oh my, that’s FAST! Yes, we have released the very first public open source binary version of OpenMex! What that means? Well, you can download it and install the beauty to open your favourite game resource archives with, that’s what! Here’s the release info by programmer Captain:
OpenMex supports a large number of games because we’ve been able to
automate conversion from old MultiEx Commander scripts to new OpenMex
scripts. While this means that OpenMex ‘supports’ 138 different games,
we’ve only been able to test OpenMex on about 10% of all the supported
games (it’s pretty hard to find archives of all supported games). This
means that there are probably some non-working scripts. If you happen to
find one, please tell us about it in the XeNTaX forums.

We have dedicated a whole new subdomain for OpenMex. So please head over there for screenshots, documents and the whole slice of the MultiEx Xperience (MEX) pie! If you are interested in working on this project with us, it’s an open source project that you can find here!

MultiEx goes Open Source!

Thursday, October 9th, 2003 by Mr.Mouse

XeNTaX has started two open source projects at Sourceforge. The first is Mexcom, which is the open source continuation of MultiEx Commander! Also, today we released the source code of version 3.9.68 that was released last week (see below) at the project site. Secondly, we have started a brand new project entitled OpenMex. OpenMex is going to be our open source way forward and if possible beyond MultiEx Commander. OpenMex is a Python multi-platform implementation of the MultiEx principle and Arjan Dikhoff of XeNTaX has already done extensive work on it, supporting all of Michael Zuurman’s original game archive format scripts.
We would like to invite any developer that is interested to work with us on any of these projects to join! Just go to the open source website of the project and contact any of the admins! See you there!