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XeNTaX Opens MultiEx and NWP Forums!

Wednesday, January 15th, 2003 by Mr.Mouse

We have opened a totally cool and nifty forum for you! There are two forums available at this time. The prime forum is the MultiEx Commander Discussion forum. In this forum you can discuss all things MultiEx Commander. Problems, Suggestions, Experiences, Questions, Thanks, whatever you wish to post on the subject of MultiEx Commander. We invite all users or potential users to post stuff regarding MultiEx Commander in this forum. Registration is possible, with Avatar support and so on, but not necessary.
Another forum is the NWP forum, which is basically a private forum for members of the NetWorkParty. Here everything will be discussed, that is of interest for the NWP members. Don’t hesitate, visit the forums!

New version of MultiEx Commander v3.7.2.3 !

Wednesday, January 15th, 2003 by Mr.Mouse

It has taken a number of versions to get MultiEx Commander running on Win98, NT, 2000 and XP, and the version that should come closest to just that is now available. V3.7.2.3 supports extraction of resources from 137 game archive formats, 42 of which can be edited as well. The user may opt to download small formatscript files from the MultiEx Resource Website each time he opens a game archive that is supported, thus using always the most up to date formatscripts that MultiEx Commander needs. Alternatively, he can also use the local resources that come with the package, and only check the website for those local resource files and for new executables. Another option, added for fun, is to view the statistics of opened game archives by users that have the “always check the website for formatscripts” on. So you can check which games are most popular in MultiEx Commander usage. :) Please read the help file for all options and changes.

XeNTaX still breathing!

Friday, January 10th, 2003 by Mr.Mouse

8 months ago XeNTaX was reported dead. Now it seems this is only partly true. Yes, the MUSIC/Demo group XeNTaX has gone. But the MultiEx Department is still alive. Based on the number of downloads of this tool, Mr.Mouse (Michael Zuurman) and Captain Corny are continuing the website, and are currently considering other XeNTaX activities. So, XeNTaX is still the home of MultiEx Commander and future projects will be notified here.