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Mr.Mouse quits XeNTaX, XeNTaX dead

Tuesday, May 21st, 2002 by Mr.Mouse

Mr.Mouse (Michael Zuurman) quits all computer activities, he leaves XeNTaX and any IT stuff still running. Together with Mr.Ammo (Rolf Greven) he set up XeNTaX in 1989 as a Commodore 64 music group. Writing for the c64 diskmagazine Addybook from Blaze, composing tunes for XeNTaX and Blaze, later composing on Amiga and PC, and programming stuff in assembly and C++, just some of his accomplishments. His last work was MultiEx Commander v3.4b, which you can still find here. He even composed some c64 music at the beginning of this year. But after 12 years, it’s time to quit the computer nonsense and turn to other more rewarding things. Thus, with him gone, XeNTaX will die. You can still find some stuff at this website, but by the end of the period that we payed for at webhost, the site will go down. Forever. Here ends the last news item.