Archive for March, 2002

We welcome 3s as a new member!

Friday, March 29th, 2002 by Mr.Mouse

Dries Brouwer, a cool musician from the city of Groningen, has joined the ranks of XeNTaX musicians! His nick is 3s/XeNTaX, and he has a long history in music. He plays guitar (he graduated from music conservatory) , keys, bass, percussion and he does his own vocals. He plays in a number of bands for a living, does some producing, works in an African musicinstrument store and composes music like a mad man. ;-) He is one of the closest friends of Mr.Mouse, by the way, who plays drums on some of his songs that are available in MP3 format on this site. Get to the downloading to hear some brilliant stuff.

Captain Corny new Webmaster!

Thursday, March 28th, 2002 by Mr.Mouse

After Necrose, Sav, Captain Corny and Mr.Mouse had a meeting, it was decided that the server could not be maintained. Limited speed and dependance on a single individual for server maintenance turned out to be least favourable. Thus, it was decided that a new host would be hired, to ensure speed and continuity of the XeNTaX website. In essence, we’re back to hiring a host. This is completed as you read these words. Captain Corny has claimed the job of Webmaster and Pagebuilder. HURRAY!

Necrose went through Hell but got the server back up!

Saturday, March 9th, 2002 by Mr.Mouse

Ah yes! Mister Serverman Necrose went through a lot of trouble fixing the server and updating it with the latest in serverware, but he did it and the XeNTaX site is back up! A big round of applause for Necrose people! ;-) You can expect future updates here again, and we are working on a completely new websitedesign, graphics courtesy of xeNusion/XeNTaX!