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Cybertracker X-Mas 2001 Music Pack released at The Party!

Monday, December 31st, 2001 by Mr.Mouse

Last week, the demoscene party The Party was held from 27th till 29th in Denmark. In association with NoName we released a music pack with tunes done in Cyberbrain/NoName’s new Commodore 64 music editor Cybertracker. To show the power of the editor we also entered some songs in the music competition (which was a mix of C64, PC and Amiga musical scores). The results of this competition you can find here. The titles are only shown in the list: ‘EU2002′ (Europe Utd. 2002) by Mr.Mouse/XeNTaX, ‘Higher State Of Sid’ by Cyberbrain/NoName, ‘Oberon’ by Johnny Owl and ‘Snowman’ by Pater Pi/Church64. These tunes and 6 more by these people you can find on the music pack:
Grab it here in d64 format.

Mr.Mouse releases MultiEx Commander v3.4b!

Thursday, December 20th, 2001 by Mr.Mouse

The number one game archive file extractor / importer just got better. With the release of 3.4 the background music has gone, the layout changed to more professionality and the features ever-expanding! More game archives can now be altered, zlib compression is supported, search options for archive contents and so on. Also, new games are supported, making the total of supported game archive formats 132! Finally, the download size has DECREASED by 2 Mb! Now for just under 3 Mb you can have the latest in Multi Game Archiver Land :) Download it at the MultiEx Commander pages. Or, if you already have 3.3b you could also choose to install it from the build-in online updater! Those who want to have a look at the new features can download this small HELP file and read the chapter about new features!