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SAV joins XeNTaX as a c64/pc coder!

Saturday, November 24th, 2001 by Mr.Mouse

After a very nice first time encounter with SAV during X2001 we wanted him among our crewas a coder! He accepted on one condition: payment of a ham-cheese sandwich. LOL. Anyway, you can check him out at our membersection. He’ll be busy working on the C64 as well as PC demostuff together with Pulse9. For your information, SAV beat the hell out of his competition at the International Karate + tournament held at X2001, and only came a bit short of First place. Still, SAV/XeNTaX got a glorious second place! Excellent job!

XeNTaX had a great time at X2001!

Saturday, November 24th, 2001 by Mr.Mouse

On saturday the 24th 5 XeNTaX members went to X2001, which is the number 1 international Commodore 64 sceneparty in Hengelo (GLD) in The Netherlands. Those who went were : Pulse9, The Gee, Captain Corny, our new coder SAV and Mr.Mouse. Just for the heck of it we participated in the musiccompo with three tunes, but we made no illusions as for the results. We had a damn great time, loads of booze, laughter and great stuff shown by ace-coders as well. Check out our pictures of the event here, or visit the x2001 website there.

PC GAMES HARDWARE release MultiEx Commander v3.3b!

Friday, November 2nd, 2001 by Mr.Mouse

The German hardcopy magazine PC GAMES Hardware has spent an article on MultiEx Commander in their section “The Best Tools” in the november issue! In addition they released a special PCGAMES HARDWARE edition of version 3.3b on their coverdisk. More info about them you can find at