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Retro time! Complete SID collection of Mr.Mouse

Saturday, February 28th, 2004 by Mr.Mouse

After browsing through some old Commodore 64 disks Mr.Mouse discovered some old sid* tunes he composed back in the day. The collection of 64 sid tunes now includes the last two songs ever, Europe United 2002 (december 2001) and Go Go Go! (january 2002), and Ready for Freddie (1992), Yuntarc (1992), Digihack 1 (1991) and Note to Hotline (1989/1990). Only for old timers! ;-) Here’s the collection! *Play with THIS Sidplay 2!

Mr.Mouse converted all new c64 tunes to MP3

Saturday, January 19th, 2002 by Mr.Mouse

All of Mr.Mouse’s new c64 Cybertracker tunes are now in MP3 format as well.
Grab them here now!.

Cybertracker X-Mas 2001 Music Pack released at The Party!

Monday, December 31st, 2001 by Mr.Mouse

Last week, the demoscene party The Party was held from 27th till 29th in Denmark. In association with NoName we released a music pack with tunes done in Cyberbrain/NoName’s new Commodore 64 music editor Cybertracker. To show the power of the editor we also entered some songs in the music competition (which was a mix of C64, PC and Amiga musical scores). The results of this competition you can find here. The titles are only shown in the list: ‘EU2002′ (Europe Utd. 2002) by Mr.Mouse/XeNTaX, ‘Higher State Of Sid’ by Cyberbrain/NoName, ‘Oberon’ by Johnny Owl and ‘Snowman’ by Pater Pi/Church64. These tunes and 6 more by these people you can find on the music pack:
Grab it here in d64 format.

Aymes and Peace release new tune!

Monday, September 17th, 2001 by Mr.Mouse

Aymes/XeNTaX has released a new tune for your pleasure! It’s a very good tune, called “Head-space” and “a tribute to all easy go-ers, get the lava lamps out guys :P ” as Andrew said. Of course a must-have: go to Aymes music section. Also, the music you hear at the moment is a small new tune by Peace/XeNTaX. And remember, XeNTaX is a music group, so if you need tunes for your software, drop us a mail!

XeNTaX music reaches far

Monday, April 23rd, 2001 by Mr.Mouse

Mateus and Pina, XeNTaX members way back in the c64 days, produced music for the highly rated game “Operation Flashpoint”. Check out some of his XM tunes on Mateus’ download page.