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Cities XL *.PAK file format unravelled!

Thursday, June 25th, 2009 by Mr.Mouse

Cities XL screenshotNo task is too difficult at our fabulous Game Research Forum. Thanks to combined efforts, and a great find by bugtest the *.PAK file format of the Cities XL game is now known, and using QuickBMS you can already start extract the resources from these files. Read all about it here: Also, find many more answers to difficult formats there!

Jagged Alliance 2 Gold Extractor

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007 by Mr.Mouse

The map from Jagged Alliance extracted with MultiEx CommanderHere we go again. A nice script for MultiEx Commander to extract and replace stuff in *.SLF archives from the PC game Jagged Alliance 2. Have fun with it!

Check out the map picture (PCX) that was extracted from a SLF file!

ImpType Standard ;
GetDString OFileName 256 0 ;
GetDString Folder 256 0 ;
Get FileNum Long 0 ;
Get FileNum Long 0 ;
Get U1 Long 0 ;
Get U2 Long 0 ;
Get U3 Long 0 ;
Set ESize Long FileNum ;
Math ESize *= 280 ;
GoTo EOF 0 ;
SavePos END 0 ;
Math END += 1 ;
Math END -= ESize ;
GoTo END 0 ;
For T = 1 To FileNum ;
GetDString FN 256 0 ;
SavePos FOO 0 ;
Get FO Long 0 ;
SavePos FSO 0 ;
Get FS Long 0 ;
Get U4 Long 0 ;
Get U5 Long 0 ;
Get U6 Long 0 ;
Get U7 Long 0 ;
Next T ;

You can also get it as a compiled BMS file (Run Custom Script… in MultiEx Commander).

Extract The Witcher BIF files

Sunday, December 9th, 2007 by Mr.Mouse

MexCom BMSI’ve created a simple script for MultiEx Commander to open The Witcher *.BIF files and extract/replace the contents. Note that the script does not cater for filenames in the BIF archives. I want to create a plugin that will take care of that. For now, use the script to browse the BIF files and do some simple modding!

IDString 0 BIFFV1.1 ;
ImpType Standard ;
Get FileNum Long 0 ;
Get FN2 Long 0 ;
Get EntrySize Long 0 ;
For T = 1 To FileNum ;
Get Number Long 0 ;
Get C Long 0 ;
SavePos FOO 0 ;
Get FO Long 0 ;
SavePos FSO 0 ;
Get FS Long 0 ;
Get T1 Long 0 ;
Log “” FO FS FOO FSO ;
Next T ;
You can also download it as a BMS file. Use in MultiEx Commander (Run Custom Script on…):

The Witcher simple BIF extraction script for MultiEx Commander

Command and Conquer 3 *.BIG files

Monday, April 16th, 2007 by Mr.Mouse

cc3.jpgMr.Mouse fixed some bug at the Game File Format Central (XentaxWIKI) and added MexScript that supports Command and Conquer 3 *.BIG files in MultiEx Commander. In addition, you can open Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth *.BIG files. Choose the WIKI in MultiEx Commander’s Options dialog and open a big archive of your choice! Click here to view the format.

Three new games supported in MexCom

Monday, October 9th, 2006 by Mr.Mouse

MexCom BMSMr.Mouse created three new MexScripts to use in MexCom. The MexScripts are also available from the WIKI source from within MexCom. Set the BMS source to WIKI in Options. Note that the scripts are still unofficial so set the source also to unofficial in the Load Archive dialog. Play with the All and Ext filter to see the new games in the Type lists. The new game resource archives supported are : Breath of Fire 4 (PSX) *.EMI files, Wing Commander 3 (PSX) &.LIB files and The Cars THQ (PC) *.RES files. Don’t forget to Vote for the scripts if they function okay for you. To do this, select the Supported Games list in Help and double click on vote for the appropriate game/archive.

WWE 2 RAW script for CAW.BIN

Monday, May 1st, 2006 by Mr.Mouse

By request I created a Binary MultiEx Script for MexCom so a user could open a certain caw.bin file.

Here´s the script in uncompiled form:

Set Size Long 2532 ;
GoTo EOF 0 ;
SavePos ASI 0 ;
GoTo SOF 0 ;
Do ;
SavePos FO 0 ;
Set FN String .DCOM ;
Get F String 0 ;
String F += FN ;
Log F FO Size 0 0 ;
Math FO += Size ;
GoTo FO 0 ;
While FO < ASI ;

And here it is in BMS:

MexBinderPlus released

Tuesday, July 6th, 2004 by Mr.Mouse

By request, Mike Zuurman put up the tool he uses to create scripts (BMS) for MultiEx Commander with, as well as the packer that packs all BMS files into MultiEx Resource Files (MRF). Use at your own liking AND risk. Get it at the MultiEx site.