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Batch 2 of FM-YAM shipped on July 25th 2018

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018 by Mr.Mouse

A little belated message here on the front page, but on July 25th I shipped Batch 2 of FM-YAM to their new owners! :) If you don’t know what an FM-YAM is, it is a sound expansion for the Commodore 64 that will add the OPL2 audio chip (YM3812) via the expansion port. Read more about it at our dedicated page here! To date more than 200 cartridges have been sold! Still want one? There’s a few left. 

Unepic Stoned High SID Collection reaches new milestone

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 by Mr.Mouse

The USHSC YouTube channel reached a new milestone, with 600 subscribers and 225.000 views! Be sure to subscribe if you wish to follow the latest SID tunes!

Unepic Stoned High SID Collection

Friday, May 13th, 2016 by Mr.Mouse

I recently started a new project, unrelated to game research. Wait what? Then it has got to do with Commodore 64 right? Indeed. I used to compose SID tunes actively on the C64, back in the day. In this day and age, I still try to release at least a few products for that machine each year. It’s hard to find any time though, but I get by I guess. However, the love for SID and her composers will not die. I love to listen to the works of all SID composers, and I really want t honour them. Let;’s combine the two – listening and honouring – and create a gargantuan YouTube playlist with tunes by ALL composers. Not those few that the majority of people will know. No, ALL of them, as there are some brilliant compositions in there that we all should know. They deserve it. So check out this playlist and YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe if you wish to keep track of the uploads. Play the list while doing whatever, or just play to listen. You will discover some real gems, I’m sure. And you will never run out of new SID tunes to listen to.