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Duke Nukem Forever exposes crap reviewers – 100 reviews compared

Saturday, June 18th, 2011 by Mr.Mouse

duke-nukem-trailer-coming.jpgLet’s be completely honest here; Duke Nukem Forever is not what we waited for back in 1996. In fact, it is not great at all. Having said that, it is also definitely not crap as well. In this post I compare final scores from 100 reviews that we can find online. Not that feable metacritic or shallow worldscore bias like we see so often eh? Setting aside nostalgia and looking at the game objectively, it’s a fair game. There’s enough fun to be had, giggles here and there, and some good shooting scenes. Overall we would agree that the game deserves somewhere between 65% and 70% as a score, as it matches up with that range of other fair shooters of late. Some reviewers do not appear to know what objectiveness is though. No, they take this opportunity to attract hits on their petty sites. Having first over-hyped the game, now they have the chance to play the “cool reviewer” that slates it. (more…)